Mr Brad Marshall

Principal Psychologist, Northshore Kidspace

Brad Marshall is a Psychologist and Director of The Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace in Sydney. Brad is recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in Gaming/Screen addiction. Brad’s most recent project “The Unplugged Psychologist” provides free tips and strategies to parents in conjunction with the release of his book “The Tech Diet for Your Child and Teen” published by HarperCollins. Brad is a well-respected guest speaker delivering seminars for students, parents, educators and corporate audiences on finding a balanced Tech Diet at home and at school. Brad provides a common sense, humorous and practical voice on complex parenting topics.

8.00pm - 8.30pm (AEST)

Thursday 4th June Masterclass 4

Technology Addiction & Kids; What You Need to Know

20 min presentation followed by 10 min of Q&A