Ms Melissa Ferrari

Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert

Melissa Ferrari is one of Australia’s most sought-after therapists who has over 20 years’ experience in couples counselling and individual psychotherapy and is regularly called upon as a relationship expert across national media.

Known for her warmth and engaging personality, Melissa’s ability to identify and help people work through many of the key issues facing couples today has had a profound and transformative effect on many of her clients’ lives. Melissa is also one of the few therapists in Australia to have training from the world’s most renowned pioneer in couples counselling, Dr Stan Tatkin founder of the innovative Psychological Approach to Couple Therapy. Melissa is a PACT Ambassador here in Australia for the PACT Institute and as a leader in the field she continues to write about the PACT approach and present PACT to both the public and mental health professionals.

8.00pm - 8.30pm (AEST)

Thursday 2nd July Masterclass 6

Repairing Broken Relationships: Rebuilding Trust and Connection

Find out more about:
  • How the brain works in love and connection
  • What is trust really all about and how important is it in a relationship?
  • What happens when trust has been broken?
  • How memory plays a big part in how we experience mistrust or a break in the relationship
  • Important qualities required when trust has been broken for repair to happen
  • How to apologise and say sorry to your partner genuinely
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal expression to help your partner repair trust and encourage connection
  • How to ensure repair is delivered and experienced authentically
  • How to make guardrails in your relationship to ensure safety and security that will be maintained well over time
  • Tips to ensure connection when trust has been an issue in your relationship

20 min presentation followed by 10 min of Q&A