Professor Nick Titov

Director, Department of Psychology

MindSpot, MQ Health, Macquarie University

Professor Nick Titov is committed to developing and delivering high quality psychological treatments. Nick is Co-Director of the eCentreClinic, a research unit that develops and evaluates digital mental health services. Nick has co-developed more than 15 online psychological interventions. These have been evaluated in more than 80 clinical trials of internet-delivered treatments involving more than 9,000 people across four countries. He has published more than 175 peer reviewed articles and has received more than $65M in project and research funding.

Nick is also Executive Director of MindSpot, at MQ Health, Macquarie University. MindSpot operates two digital mental health clinics, the MindSpot Clinic and PORTS which serve 25,000 Australians per year. Nick also provides advice and support for organisations developing and delivering digital mental health services in Australia as well as in other countries.

8.00pm - 8.30pm (AEST)

Thursday 18 June Masterclass 5

Tips to Help You & Your Loved Ones Stay Emotionally Resilient


  • The important concepts of stress and resilience building
  • What makes a good tip?
  • Examples of tips that can help build emotional resilience
  • Practical take home messages to help yourself and others


  • 10 Psychological Tips for Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19) - PDF Guide
  • 11 Psychological Tips for Frontline Staff - PDF Guide

20 min presentation followed by 10 min of Q&A