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I am the Professor of Rural Mental Health in the School of Rural Health at Monash University. My main area of research aims to reduce the cycle of mental illness and addiction in families. In the family mental illness area I have co-authored approximately 50 journal publications and undertaken multiple research projects over the last 20 years. In collaboration with others my work has significantly influenced program and policy direction in the area of Families Affected by Parental Mental Illness (FaPMI). Our early work had a major influence on the Victorian Government strategy 2007-2011 leading to the implementation of the Victorian FaPMI strategy (see http://docs.health.vic.gov.au/docs/doc/Families-where-a-parent-has-a-mental-illness-A-servicedevelopment-strategy). This led to the establishment of 14 specialist FaPMI coordinator positions across Victoria and in the 2016 budget this was expanded to all Victorian health regions. The role of these specialists is to promote family focussed services for families where a parent has a mental illness with children aged 0-18. Until recently I was the Director of Monash University Department of Rural Health and I am currently Professor of Rural Mental Health. I live and work in the Gippsland community to develop research and mental health workforce partnerships that make a difference for rural families. I am currently working on several mental health research projects including the psychology component of the $24,127,699 (over 10 years) Long term study into the potential health effects from the Hazelwood coal mine fire.