Go Back Up

Day Two March 19 3:45am-4:45am

Is it possible to develop deep, meaningful connections, while also knowing how to let go when change and loss occur?

  • Helen Street

    Helen Street

    Founder and Chair, The Positive Schools Initiative

About the Speaker

Dr Helen Street is an internationally acclaimed expert in supporting wellbeing, educational consultant and applied social psychologist. She is the founder of Positive Schools and Contextual Wellbeing, a consultant to schools worldwide, a best-selling author and an honorary fellow at The University of Western Australia. Helen is known as a pioneer in the support of long-term learning engagement and wellbeing through whole school systemic change and development. Her first book 'Standing Without Shoes' includes a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Her fourth book, ‘Contextual Wellbeing’ has become an international best-seller in education. Helen co-founded Positive Schools with Neil Porter, including the highly respected Positive Schools conference series, Positive Schools Online and consultancy services supporting Contextual Wellbeing in schools. Helen lives in Western Australia with Neil, their three daughters and their cavoodle, Barney. She will be releasing her fifth book, a reimagining of resilience, soon.