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Day Three May 1 1:45pm-2:45pm

Keynote Presentation

Join us for an intimate Q&A keynote session with legendary basketballer Lauren Jackson.

  • Lauren Jackson

    Lauren Jackson

About the Speaker

Lauren Jackson is one of Australia's top sportspeople - considered by many to be the country's greatest female basketballer in history.

Lauren had the great honour of being flag bearer for Australia at the 2012 London Olympics.

She was instrumental at these games in helping the Australian Opals to a Bronze Medal win as well as securing a 3rd place finish at the most recent FIBA Women’s World Cup in Sydney.

Current work

When she’s not playing in the WNBL or working for Basketball Australia as their Head of Women in Basketball, she is a sought-after speaker with real insight into the pressure of performing at the highest level. Sharing her experience as an Olympian, she takes you inside the world of the elite athlete in a way that's both inspirational and compelling.

Previous experience

Basketball: Lauren has been on top for 15 years playing at the elite level. She has so many honors spanning across several leagues, including the Australian (WNBL), American (WNBA), European (EuroLeage) and Asian (WKBL) Women's Basketball.

All Star: She was the first Australian in history to be selected as the first overall pick in an international and professional draft. She was crowned an All-Star in her first WNBA season.

MVP: In 2003 Lauren was named MVP in the WNBA, making her the youngest player to receive this award and the first non-American, challenging the American dominance of basketball.

Retirement: Earlier in 2016 Lauren announced her retirement from the sport she has been such an integral part of in Australia.

She leaves a basketball legacy that is unparalleled internationally.