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AddictionZ 2024

Monday, 29th April to Wednesday, 1st May 2024 JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa


The A to Z of addiction trends and treatments.
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Formerly the Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference, AddictionZ is an annual event, encompassing the A to Z of addiction trends and treatments. Bringing together the AOD, mental and behavioural health sector in a new format, with a new vision.

Recognising that addiction is more than just drugs, alcohol and gambling, we've put together a bold and inclusive program with collaboration at its core. Join us on the Gold Coast from April 29th - May 1st, 2024.

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Be part of AddictionZ 2024

  • To support multi-sectoral collaboration and create a platform for knowledge sharing, case studies and learning opportunities to advance the prevention, treatment and recovery of patients.
  • To give professionals access to the latest research, projects, programs and strategies to help meet the diverse and complex needs of their clients.
  • To share best practices and facilitate meaningful connections to transform addiction, shift perspectives, and explore emerging trends.
  • To provide real solutions with applicable takeaways for all mental and behavioural health professionals.

Who attends AddictionZ?

Here’s a snapshot of delegates who typically attend AddictionZ

AddictionZ brings together mental and behavioral health professionals, peer and support workers, people with lived experience, as well as government and policy professionals within the AOD sector.

Delegates include:

  • AOD sector workers and mental health professionals  
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists   
  • Case workers 
  • Addiction specialists and NGOs 
  • Allied health workers 
  • Rehab facility workers and leaders  
  • Research officers 
  • AOD case managers 
  • Government representatives and policy makers  
  • Indigenous liaison manager  
  • Youth workers  
  • Social workers 
  • Counsellors 
  • Community support workers 

Is AddictionZ for me?

Yes! AddictionZ is the conference for you if you’re looking for….

  • Honest and brave conversations around addictions, mental and behavioural health.
  • Thoughtful sessions from some of the sector’s leading minds.
  • A platform to ask the big questions and address the more pressing issues within the sector.
  • Information on new ideas, holistic treatments, innovations and technologies supporting sector professionals.
  • A break away from your every-day to focus on the future of the sector.

What will I gain from attending AddictionZ?

Connection, Fresh Thinking, Support

  • Connect with your peers across the AOD, mental and behavioural health sector; learn from each other, network and share.
  • Be refreshed with new ideas and innovative approaches to treatment and recovery models.
  • Walk away engergised by the changing landscape of the sector and your future within it.

You'll have:

  • A personalised letter of attendance  
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD 
  • Access to the conference app 
  • Access to all recorded keynote and concurrent presentations (For 30 days)  

The Fun Stuff

Attend AddictionZ on the Gold Coast and enjoy:

  • An exclusive welcome networking function with drinks and canapes
  • A 5-star catering package for the entire conference with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • The chance to win awesome prizes at the event
  • Chillout mindfulness zones
  • Special extras we organise for all delegates
  • Returning delegate gift if you’re joined the conference in past years
  • Introductions to exhibition partners to see what’s new and interesting in the sector

AddictionZ connects mental and behavioural health professionals with integrated approaches to prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Keynote Speakers

Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson
Learn More
Anastasia Hronis
Anastasia Hronis

Clinical Psychologist, Founder of the Australian Institute for Human Wellness, Academic at the University of Technology Sydney

Learn More

Nicholas Carah
Nicholas Carah

Associate Professor Nicholas Carah, Director of the Centre for Digital Cultures & Societies at The University of Queensland

Learn More

Nicholas Bloom
Nicholas Bloom

Principal Master MHFA Instructor | Keynote Speaker | Wellbeing Facilitator | Advisor

Learn More

Aaron Drummond
Dr Aaron Drummond

Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania

Learn More

Rob Stirling
Robert Stirling

CEO, Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NADA)

Learn More

Richard Cash
Richard Cash

Head of Service Development, 360Edge

Learn More

Tanya Kretschmann

Consumer Advocate, Lived Experience Consultant, Recovery Speaker and Peer Mentor

Learn More

Yasmin Iese
Yasmin Iese

Cultural Consultant I Professional Supervisor, Owner of Open Door Consultancy Services

Learn More

Kutcha Edwards
Kutcha Edwards
Learn More

The AddictionZ Program

What will I hear at AddictionZ?

The full program will be announced in the coming months. Take a look at the main topics and sub-topics which will form the program.

Embracing Hope through Empowering Pathways: Integrated Approaches to Prevention, Treatment and Recovery.

This year's topics are: 

  1. Unveiling the Bond: Exploring the Trauma-Addiction Connection:

    • Trauma to Transformation: Uniting Understanding, Treatment and Recovery in Addiction Care
    • Society and Systems: Empathic Approaches to Healing and Recovery in Addiction, Mental Health and Trauma within the Social Context
    • Empowering Resilience: Nurturing and Understanding Trauma, Cultural Sensitivity and Family Dynamics
  2. Breaking New Ground: Exploring the Latest Advancements in Addiction Treatment

    • Revealing the Future: Exploring Emerging Trends in Addiction Support
    • Exploring the Potential of Innovative Technologies and Digital Interventions in Addiction Treatment
    • Revolutionising Recovery: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Addiction Support
    • Therapeutic Approaches: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy 
    • Neurobiology of Addiction: Understanding Brain Mechanisms
    • Ethics in Addiction Research and Treatment: Ensuring Patient Welfare and Confidentiality
  3. Breaking Free: Understanding Non-Substance Dependencies in Addiction

    • Understanding Behavioural Addictions: Expanding the Scope of Addiction Support
    • Gaming to Gambling and the Digital World: Investigating the Frontiers of Technology and Addiction
    • Breaking the Taboo: Recognising and Treating Sex and Pornography Addictions
    • Building Resilience: Strategies for Overcoming Non-Substance Addictions
    • Sexual Wellbeing and Relationship Dynamics
  4. Reshaping Addiction Care: Promoting Holistic Healing for Diverse Addictions

    • Breaking the Stigma: Adopting a Person-Centred Approach
    • The Power of Connection: Fostering Supportive Communities in Addiction Healing
    • Embracing Wellness: Promoting Physical and Mental Health in Addiction Support 
    • Exploring Integrative Approaches: Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit in Addiction Recovery
    • Promoting Recovery Capital: Building Resilience and Sustaining Long-Term Recovery
  5. Celebrating Ancestry, Empowering Recovery: Advancing Addiction Care in First Nations, Indigenous and Marginalised Communities

    • Cultural Resilience: Honouring Traditions in Addiction Recovery
    • Connecting to Country as a healing modality
    • Addressing Historical Trauma: Healing the Past, Embracing the Future
    • Community-Centred Approaches: Strengthening Support Systems in Vulnerable Communities
    • Inclusive Care: Tailoring Addiction Services to Cultural and Linguistic Needs
    • Empowering Voices: Amplifying Indigenous and First Nations Perspectives in Addiction Support
    • Cultivating Trust and Collaboration in Diverse Communities
  6. Addressing Substance and Behavioural Addictions: Navigating Harm Reduction Strategies within Legal Constraint

    • Prevention through Policy: Promoting Safer Consumption and Harmful Gambling 
    • Alcohol and Gambling Advertising and Marketing: Exploring Ethical Constraints and Impact on Harm Reduction
    • Industry Responsibility: Advocating for Ethical Practices in Alcohol and Gambling
    • Socioeconomic Factors and Addiction: Tackling Inequality, The Role of the System and Access to Support
  7. Transforming Addiction: Justice, Policies and Law Reform for Lasting Change

    • Redefining Justice: Ensuring equitable access to treatment, support services and addressing systemic barriers and disparities 
    • Evolving Policies for Effective Treatment: Evidence-based approaches to policy development
    • Legal Reforms for a Progressive Approach: Decriminalisation and alternatives to incarceration
    • Shifting from punitive to rehabilitative justice: enhanced reintegration treatment to reduce recidivism
    • Intersectionality in Policy Development: Understanding the impact of addiction on marginalised communities

The AddictionZ Committee

The sector leaders who help create AddictionZ 2024

Tony Clarkson
Tony Clarkson

Principal Clinical Advisor, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Learn More

Lynette Hutson
Lt Colonel Lynette Hutson

Assistant Territorial Secretary for Mission, The Salvation Army

Learn More

Bridgitte Thornley
Bridgitte Thornley

National Director, PGF Group NZ

Learn More

Carol Daws
Carol Daws

Chief Executive Officer, Cyrenian House

Learn More

Peter Miller

Professor Peter Miller

Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction Studies, School of Psychology, Deakin University

Learn More

Broc Martin

Broc Martin

Aod Counsellor, Pormpur Paanthu Aboriginal Corporation

Learn More

Simone Shaw

Simone Shaw

Clinical Director, Forensic Intervention Services, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Learn More

Rob Stirling

Dr Robert Stirling

CEO, Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NADA)

Learn More

Octavian Dixon Ritchie

Octavian Dixon Ritchie

Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Independent Food and Therapeutic Assessor Ltd

Learn More

Dr Christopher Fox

Dr. Christopher Fox

Sex Life Therapy


Nathan Charles Brown

Director And Multiculural Specialist, Loud and Proud with Pride


Danielle Manton

Senior Lecturer Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team, University of Technology Sydney


Jonathon Brown

Acting Manager – Bila Muuji Drug and Alcohol Network

Registration Options

$ 549 + GST


  • Live streaming of all keynote presenters
  • Live streaming of all sessions in the plenary room over three day conference period
  • Virtual presentations
  • Complete online access to audio and visual presentations for 30 days*
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance

$ 1,199 + GST


  • All keynote presentations
  • All concurrent presentations
  • Discounted accommodation rates
  • Access to conference app
  • 5 star conference catering package
  • Access to exclusive networking functions
  • Complete online access to audio and visual presentations for 30 days post-event
  • Printed conference materials
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance
  • Exposure for your organisation
  • Plus, chances to win great prizes!

$ 3,147 + GST

In-Person Group of Three (3 pax)

  • All keynote presentations
  • All concurrent presentations
  • Discounted accommodation rates
  • Access to conference app
  • 5 star conference catering package
  • Access to exclusive networking functions
  • Complete online access to audio and visual presentations for 30 days post-event
  • Printed conference materials
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance
  • Exposure for your organisation
  • Plus, chances to win great prizes!

What People Are Saying


Addiction - Gary Fahey
Addiction - Chris
Addiction - Talitha
Addiction - Roya
Addiction - Lives Lived Well
Addiction - Lija

"Do it! You won't regret the money spent and will only walk away with more knowledge, inspiration, ideas and better connections."

"If you're in the field, it's an incredible opportunity to meet likeminded people and expose yourself to further learnings."

"The program has provided practical and insightful learnings that can be applied instantly. Unlike some other conferences that may be research focused (which is still great), this is directly applicable if you are working on the ground with clients."

"A great opportunity to learn, network and develop."

"Excellent source of knowledge and opportunity for networking. The setting venue and catering was great too."

"I was suggested to attend by a colleague and was a bit hesitant to attend because I’ve never been to a conference before but I’m very glad I came."

"The conference covered a broad spectrum of topics related to the treatment and considerations needed when managing AOD. It provides opportunities to connect with other organisations, programs and network with like-minded professionals"

Where It's Happening

Venue & Accommodation

Monday, 29th April to Wednesday, 1st May 2024

AddictionZ 2024  will be held at:
JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa, QLD.

Accommodation is optional and can be booked during registration.
Guest room with breakfast for up to 2 guests - $370




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