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Day Two April 30 8:45am-10:15am

Navigating the Future: Transformative Strategies for Addiction Policy, Workplace Initiatives and Implementing Change

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    Nicholas Bloom

    Principal Master MHFA Instructor | Keynote Speaker | Wellbeing Facilitator | Advisor

About the Speaker

From a young age Nic witnessed — but couldn't comprehend — his mother's mental-ill health. He was then present during a dear friend's years of psychological distress that led to her devastating suicide. Motivated by their immense challenges, Nic left an unfulfilling corporate career and now dedicates himself to work that he truly loves and believes in.

Today, Nic feels fortunate he gets to work across preventative mental-ill health, suicide & gambling harm, organisational & community wellbeing and carer, consumer & youth advocacy. He does this as a facilitator, trainer, keynote speaker, lived & living experience advisor and strategic consultant.

Nic has featured in the Australian Financial Review and on ABC radio, has supported 100+ Australian schools and advises the Australian Government on their health initiatives and projects. From multinational corporations to local community groups, Nic has trained a diverse portfolio of clients across AUS, USA, UK, CAN, IRE and Asia-Pacific.

Nic travels across Australia and works with clients worldwide, so if you would like him to support you, your workplace or community, please visit www.nicbloom.com.