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Day Two April 30 8:45am-10:15am

Navigating the Future: Transformative Strategies for Addiction Policy, Workplace Initiatives and Implementing Change

  • Yasmin Iese

    Yasmin Iese

About the Speaker

Has spent 25 years working within the AOD field as a clinician, clinical supervisor, clinical service manager and executive officer. I have dedicated my career to working in culturally diverse and specific services specialising in providing culturally responsive and safe interventions. I have a master’s in health science with a specialisation in forensic psychiatry and postgraduate qualifications in professional supervision. Throughout my career, I have utilised my Western education and experience to inform a skillset of working within a ‘negotiated space’ which is the space that exists between Western and cultural worldviews and perspectives. I am committed to representing this ‘negotiated space’ and providing insight and awareness on cultural systems and how they can be implemented into mainstream systems. I am passionate about instigating systemic change. I work independently and provide external supervision for professionals in the health and social community sectors as well as cultural consultancy services.