Dr Katherine Dix from Principals Australia Institute to present at 16th International Mental Health Conference

Dr Katherine Dix from Principals Australia Institute will present at the 16th International Mental Health Conference at QT Hotel, Gold Coast 12-14 August 2015.

Dr  Dix is currently a Senior Research Officer at Principals Australia Institute, having recently finished her role as Project Manager and Chief Statistical Analyst at Flinders University, for the national evaluations of KidsMatter Primary and KidsMatter Early Childhood. Dr Dix has lectured in the School of Education at Flinders University for 10 years, in the areas of quantitative research methods, statistics, and multivariate analysis. Her work is characterised by a holistic approach and broad knowledge base in designing, analysing, and reporting large-scale longitudinal research projects conducted in educational settings.

Abstract Title: KidsMatter and MindMatters whole-school mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention: Connecting schools with frontline services

This presentation showcases the KidsMatter and MindMatters national initiatives in 50% of primary and secondary schools, in addition to almost 300 early childhood education and care (ECEC) services across Australia. This population-level approach to child mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention aims to skill build the capacity of schools and ECEC services, through a socio-ecological model, to improve children's mental health and well-being, reduce difficulties and support those children experiencing difficulties. Innovation, inclusive integration and early intervention are addressed through a discussion of the framework that schools and ECEC services implement using a whole-site approach. In order to raise awareness about opportunities to strengthen the education-health sector connect, deeper consideration is given to how schools and frontline health and community agencies work together with families.

The longitudinal evaluations show reductions in children's mental health difficulties, and positive outcomes for children with disability and those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Focus is also given to the national uptake of KidsMatter and MindMatters (managed by Principals Australia Institute and funded by the Department of Health and Beyondblue), which has adhered to best practices in implementation science.

Kids Matter

Mind Matters

Fore more information on the 16th International Mental Health Conference please visit the website here.


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