About Us

The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association is a non-government, non-for-profit association designed to unite mental health leaders since its inception in 1999.

Through a selection of educational materials, annual events and continued development opportunities, we aim to support the personal and professional wellbeing of all mental health workers.

  • Our Mission

    To serve and support a community of passionate mental health workers through education, awareness and advocacy.

  • Our Vision

    To enhance and develop the health and wellbeing of all human beings.

Membership is free for anyone to join.

What We Do


We provide all members with the opportunity to further their education with a range of annual events, online learning materials, newsletters and downloadables.


Through our educational opportunities, we facilitate face to face and online relationships between those vested in progressing the mental health industry.


We advocate for equal accessibility, continued best practice and improved mental health services, for both workers and consumers.


By providing opportunities to learn more, gain practical skills and unite, we aim to empower all members to create great change in their communities. We believe all members have the power to make a difference.


We want all members to share their insight, experience and developments in mental health through alliances, partnerships, contributions, feedback and active involvement in our annual events.


All events hosted by the Association contribute towards your Continued Professional Development points - we want you to continue your great work in mental health.

Join a Community of Mental Health Leaders

Membership is free for anyone to join.

Our Conferences