Mental health ambassadors are individuals who share their journey in all sorts of ways. They shatter stereotypes, myths, and stigma, helping the public to see the realities of mental illness while being a leader in providing real hope and support.

Embodying the association’s values of integrity, respect, support, growth and health, our ambassadors are passionate advocates for mental health. Our ambassadors are chosen based on their commitment to continued mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

Whether it’s research, experience, lived experience or a passion for breaking the stigma, check out our current ambassadors and find out what they’re doing to advance mental health.

Our Association Ambassadors

Libby Trickett

Former Olympian, Author, Radio Host & Mental Health Ambassador

A former Australian swimmer, Libby collected 24 gold medals on the international stage across Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Championships events. This included eight long course and seven short course world titles, five Commonwealth Games and four Olympic gold medals which were won at three consecutive Olympic Games.

After her retirement and following the birth of her first-born child, Libby suffered from post-natal depression, which was further exacerbated by the loss of a rigid training support structure.

Since retiring Libby has dabbled in TV, a sales and marketing role for a technology company, and worked as a radio announcer for Triple M in Brisbane. She is also committed to pursuing her work in mental health, publishing her memoir Beneath the Surface, as well as taking care of her three young daughters, Poppy, Edwina and Bronte.


Dacre Danes

Writer, Fashion Photographer & Mental Health Ambassador

Dacre grew up in the beautiful surfing community of Cronulla in Sydney. His adult years have seen him live all around Australia and throughout Europe, where he has had a successful fashion photography career. Dacre helped with the creation of Brisbane Fashion Month in its early days, and has been writing since he was a young man.

An avid surfer, Dacre learned to surf before he could even spell. He went through years of intense and systematic bullying that slowly led to taboo medical issues.

In his debut novel, DANYON, Dacre blurs the lines between what happens in the mind of someone who has been bullied for a long period of time. He was able to survive suicide and make it through to tell this tale. DANYON touches on his own experiences, along with others carefully wound together to form a fictional tale based on true events. This read is not only confronting, but provides hope for anyone suffering the same issues.

Dacre’s mission is to reach as many people as he can with his stories – as no matter where you grew up – bullying doesn’t discriminate and so much is at stake when you use your words to another as you never know if that person is about to take their own life.


Mitch Wallis

Entrepreneur and Founder – Heart On My Sleeve

Mitch has struggled with some of the most severe & debilitating mental illness symptoms for most of this life. Until recently, this had largely meant suffering in silence and isolation.

Founding an international not-for-profit mental health campaign to eradicate stigma called the ‘Heart On My Sleeve Movement’, Mitch’s ultimate dream is to change the face of mental health by empowering his fellow millennials to overcome suffering and help them re-imagine the healing power of the mind.

He is uniquely positioned to bring a firsthand experience of suffering from several chronic mental health conditions, with an educated academic understanding of the science behind problem and treatment, mixed with a comprehensive business, storytelling and tech background that allows him to build a platform to connect with people in an authentic and powerful way.

Mitch’s ultimate dream is to change the face of mental health by empowering his fellow millennials to overcome suffering and help them re-imagine the healing power of the mind.



Suzanne Dang

Mental Health Peer Support Worker & Blogger

Born and raised in Brisbane, Suzanne Dang wants to end the stigma of mental illnesses through sharing her lived experiences of Bipolar Disorder Type I and doing work as an Ambassador for ANZMH. Suzanne dresses with style and expresses her love for fashion through her blogging. Suzanne even has an ‘elevator pitch' about her story and her advocacy ready for when she meets people at fashion events.  She loves attending these solo, so she's forced out of her comfort zone to mix and mingle with new people.

Suzanne finds sharing her story in a positive, empowering and vulnerable way through social media very rewarding, and these interactions are very natural to her.

She works full-time as a Mental Health Peer Support Worker, and teaches art to adults with severe and complex mental health issues. She enjoys getting creative, in particular as an Artist - and has had her artwork exhibited in various exhibitions in the past.


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