Peace Education for Resilience and Hope

Peace Education for Resilience and Hope

The theme of the 21st International Mental Health Conference 2020 “Advance Mental Health for the Benefit of All” may seem fanciful or impossible in these times of covid-19 isolation, uncertainty and change.

Many of the usual external supports and networks that brought security, comfort and optimism have been either put on hold, dismantled or replaced by impersonal digital systems. These are the very factors that make it critical to discuss mental health and wellbeing for the benefit of everyone.

In their presentation “Peace Education for Resilience and Hope” Dr Andrew Ramsay and Dr Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik present a framework for hope and resiliency, introduce the Peace Education Program while discussing the connection of choice and reflection for mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Ramsay, clinical community mental health practitioner, consultant, GP and educator has facilitated the Peace Education Program for four years among groups of prisoners, parolees, chronic mental health clients, veterans and stressed staff in an oncology unit. He observes: “In many settings, the Peace Education Program allows time for participants to listen about, reflect upon, and discuss their fundamental inner tools for wellbeing.”

Dr Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik is a researcher at the University of Queensland and a practitioner in community mental health. He will discuss personal agency and highlight the importance of recognizing our inner resources for resiliency and hope.

The Peace Education Program is an innovative media-based program that is offered free of charge.  The program empowers the individual to reach their own understanding.  It has been facilitated in 41 countries and been translated in to 35 languages.

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