S2:E11 | Nicole Lee: Disability and Domestic Violence

S2:E11 | Nicole Lee: Disability and Domestic Violence

Acts of violence can affect anyone. But some people, such as those with disability, may be especially vulnerable to experiencing violence, with 1 in 2 adults with a disability experiencing violence after the age of 15.

After suffering a decade of abuse at the hands of her former husband, Nicole Lee now uses her lived-experience of family violence to speak out for those who don’t yet have a voice. Nicole, who also uses a wheelchair, focuses on family violence perpetrated against those who have a disability, or who depend on carers or family members for support. In July 2016, Nicole was appointed to the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council. Further to her work, Nicole uses her public profile to advocate and speak out for those who have, or are, experiencing family violence. Recent appearances on television, radio and print media shows Nicole’s drive and commitment to changing the lives of women and children throughout Victoria.

Listen in to this week’s episode as Nicole delves into how intimate partner carers can use coercive control as a form of domestic abuse, redefining our concepts of vulnerability and agency. This furthers our understanding of how intimate partner violence systematically breaks people down, while highlighting the added barriers people with disabilities face and the internal fears they hold when trying to leave a violent situation.

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