S2E21 | Samu Kerevi: Mindset, Culture & Faith as a Professional Athlete

S2E21 | Samu Kerevi: Mindset, Culture & Faith as a Professional Athlete

When it comes to performing at your peak, physical and mental health play an equally important role. Professional athletes are under constant pressure to maintain a high level of focus and fitness – and here to share his secrets to success is this week's podcast guest Fijian-born Australian rugby union player Samu Kerevi.

Growing up in Fiji, at the age of 6 Samu found himself living in the Soloman islands until we was evacuated during a coup and was then put on a plane to where he thought he was going back to Fiji. Instead, they landed in Australia and were helped out by the Salvation Army.  Throughout his schooling, Samu played in the Queensland Schools side and had his first taste of senior rugby when he debuted for Queensland against the Highlanders in Brisbane in 2014. In 2016, he made his Test debut for the Wallabies against England in Brisbane.

A strong grounding in faith and religion has been one of Samu's driving forces to keep him on his path, where he has seized the opportunity to visit different cultures, enjoy a highly successful career and now play professional rugby in Japan

Tune into episode 21 to hear about Samu's upbringing in Fiji, his childhood, the pressures of being a professional athlete and what drives him in his ambitions to become the best centre in world rugby.

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