S2:E40 | Fay Jackson: Mental Ill Health & the Power of the Peer Workforce

S2:E40 | Fay Jackson: Mental Ill Health & the Power of the Peer Workforce

Employing people with lived experience in peer worker roles to support others offer a range of benefits. They know what it is like to experience mental ill health, and can share experiences of personal recovery.

This week's podcast guest Fay Jackson is the General Manager of Inclusion at Flourish Australia, a large specialist care management organisation supporting people with mental health issues. She was the Inaugural Deputy Commissioner with the NSW Mental Health Commission and founder of independent consultancy and training body, Vision In Mind.

Fay is a leader in the Lived Experience and Peer Workforces in Australia. She sits on a multitude of national committees and collaborative working groups including the National Mental Health Commission, Vision 2030, Working Group and subcommittees.

She is a member of the National Consumer and Carer Register. She was a member of the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation and Clinical Excellence Commission Council.

Tune in this week to find out more about Fay's background with mental ill-health, and gain insight into the peer workforce, including roles, changes, challenges, and future developments. Fay also delves into the importance of culture in supporting lived experience, as well as what Flourish Australia is currently working on, and planning for the future.

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