S2:E9 | Simone O’Brien: My Survivor Story

S2:E9 | Simone O’Brien: My Survivor Story

Warning: This week’s episode deals with potentially triggering issues relating to domestic violence.

If you feel at any time that you need help or support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Simone O’Brien is a domestic violence survivor, speaker, strong advocate for women against violence.

Her journey started in 2012, when she suffered a horrific attack at the hands of a perpetrator who would not take “no” for an answer. It started with emotional and psychological abuse and ended up with her being beaten with a baseball bat to within inches of her life.

Somehow, with the support of family and friends, Simone got through that night and today, after 52 operations and 7 years of on going treatment, she travels around Australia to share her story of courage and strength, to raise awareness on the red flags related to domestic violence and prevent these incidences from happening again.

Tune in as Simone shares her personal story of determination, resilience, courage and strength, and how she is championing non-violence against women and children.

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