ANZMHA Podcast: Kerry Howard

ANZMHA Podcast: Kerry Howard

Working in a frontline environment routinely exposes an individual to trauma. When combined with pre-existing psychological experiences, this can be a trigger for traumatic injuries including PTSD. 

It doesn’t matter what type of injury was sustained in the line of duty - direct physical trauma or observed trauma – the impact is synonymous.  The experience of trauma has a neurobiological impact on the brain, and ‘multiple’ impacts will place a person into a state in which they may no longer cope.

By routinely providing psychoeducation for immediate intervention, teach self-help techniques that are neurobiologically effective, and provide more structured support from leaders and other health professionals, then we have a much greater opportunity to prevent traumatic injuries developing.


Today’s guest Kerry Howard is a best-selling author and psychologist specialising in trauma prevention and treatment. Kerry has won two international awards for her commitment to treating PTSD and improving mental health in Australia.

Since 2010, Kerry has presented at a variety of international conferences including the USA, Europe, and Australia. She developed professional development training in the promotion, prevention, and early intervention of traumatic injury. Her book, ‘The Trouble with Trauma’ provides clear guidance about how to resolve traumatic experience.

Stay tuned as Kerry delves into the facts of PTSD formation, and what we need to implement in the early stages for greater prevention and treatment.

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