ANZMHA Podcast: Ben Orford

ANZMHA Podcast: Ben Orford

School refusal can result in significant functional impairment, chronic mental health issues, social isolation, family conflict and ultimately a poor trajectory into adulthood.

In a bid to combat this issue, the Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) Day Program North and Day Program South provide integrated mental health and education services to children and young people experiencing significant functional impairment due to mental health issues, which have usually resulted in refusal to engage in school.

The Department of Education has also appointed this week’s guest Ben Orford as Head of Campus for the centre’s education and vocational program, ensuring young people can access an integrated education and mental health treatment service.

Ben Orford has worked in the education and health field for more than 10 years and is passionate about improving education delivery and outcomes for students with chronic health and complex mental health conditions.

Stay tuned as Ben highlights how Child and Youth Mental Health Services, and the Department of Education work together to improve mental health, social, educational, and vocational outcomes for young people in the program.

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