ANZMHA Podcast: Dominique Robert-Hendren

ANZMHA Podcast: Dominique Robert-Hendren

Dominique Robert-Hendren joins us today to delve into the Daybreak app: how it works, what is known about its efficacy, and the process of transforming it from a lifestyle app to a clinically-useful adjunct for supporting people to reduce their dependence on alcohol.

Whether it’s decreasing the amount consumed or quitting completely, changing alcohol habits can be a lonely journey. Having a supportive community is vital for long term success – but, is being part of an online community as effective as in-person support?

Dominique Robert-Hendren is the Head of Clinical Innovation and Chief Clinical Psychologist at Hello Sunday Morning and is also our special guest for this week. She is a community educator and national speaker on person-centred and recovery-focussed programs and strategies.

Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to help people who want to change their relationship with alcohol.

Five years ago, Hello Sunday Morning developed and launched the prototype of what is now the Daybreak app - a behaviour-change program which taps into the power of anonymous community support to help people who want to change their drinking habits.

Today, more than 65,000 Australians have now downloaded and registered with the app.

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