ANZMHA Podcast: Kate & Linda

ANZMHA Podcast: Kate & Linda

When escaping domestic violence, survivors can be faced with many challenges, including needing to establish financial independence and find safe housing.

Two women committed to empowering survivors are this week’s guests, Kate Crowley Smith and Linda Sawrey.

Kate is the Founding Director of Broken to Brilliant, a charity helping survivors who have safely left the abusive relationship and are out of the crisis, by providing services and programs to empower, support, assist and give hope in their journey to create a new chapter in their lives.

Kate is a mother of two, a domestic violence survivor, with a professional background in nursing and health promotion. Her work portfolios are patient safety and quality and injury prevention. Kate is currently studying a postgraduate certificate in domestic and family violence and believes in life-long learning.

Linda is the Co-Director of Broken to Brilliant and has been working within the healthcare sector providing support for patients, family, and staff with a particular focus on safety and quality for over 30 years. She is also a qualified Psychotherapist, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist.

Her psychotherapy practice 'Rein Changer' runs a range of individual and group equine assisted programs including specifically for children, adolescence, adults, support programs for abuse survivors and staff working within healthcare and support services.

Tune in this week as Kate and Linda discuss how Broken to Brilliant was formed, its success, and future plans.

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