S3:E11 | Gary Bruce: How Teens Can Take Back Control of the Screen

S3:E11 | Gary Bruce: How Teens Can Take Back Control of the Screen

We’re all guilty of a little too much screen time. But when we’re raising a new generation of tech-savvy users consistently glued to their devices, how can we make sure they don’t get consumed by the virtual world?

Whether its Facebook, Instagram, gaming or entertainment such as Netflix or YouTube, the common issue is a lack of ability to turn it off, or use it at the appropriate time and place.

The question to be asked is how can we empower students to take back control of the screen?

Dedicating his work to breaking the addiction of screen time in teenagers is this week’s guest Gary Bruce. Gary is an educator, writer and speaker with over 30 years of teaching and leadership experience across state and independent schools, co-educational and single sex schools, and the private sector.

He is an accredited coach with ICF, and a certified Master Practitioner with the American Board of Hypnotherapists. Gary is also the founder of Going Beyond Results providing coaching to empower students to gain control over their technology use and achieve positive outcomes. His programs focus on executive function challenges (self-organisation / time management), assessment stress and screen time addiction. Programs are run one on one and focus on the needs of the individual student.

This week, Gary joins us to discuss technology addiction in teenagers, its impacts, and how by moving teens into the driver’s seat, we can embrace empowerment for them to create their own changes.

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