ANZMHA Podcast: Stuart O'Neill

ANZMHA Podcast: Stuart O'Neill

One man committed to making a global difference in suicide prevention is this week’s guest, Stuart O’Neil.

Suicide and mental health matters are global problems. To break the stigma, we need to speak out. Sharing personal mental health experiences has proven to be an effective means to provide valuable insight into suicide prevention initiatives, as well as contribute to improved care and enhanced safety.

Raised in Melbourne Australia, Stuart’s mostly self-employed life has provided its fair share of highs and lows. Stuart first became an Australian Surf Lifesaver in the 1980’s - a passion that he still fulfills to this day. His desire to save lives now includes his book, ‘Just One Reason’, a practical toolkit to avoid the taking of a life.


Stuart’s book takes readers on a journey of his experienced mental illness and distressed thoughts about his life. He wrote this book about how he was able to overcome his struggles and wanted to give the tools he used to others who may be experiencing similar experiences. Highly praised by readers from around the world, ‘Just One Reason’ incorporates practical solutions for those struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Tune in as Stuart tells us about his battle with suicidal thoughts and depression, and how ‘Just One Reason’ has made a difference to those battling with their mental health.

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