ANZMHA Podcast: Michele Oliphant

ANZMHA Podcast: Michele Oliphant

In 2018 as part of the National Suicide Prevention Trial, it was identified that the national approach to promoting help-seeking, mental health, and suicide prevention in schools needed to be strengthened to include place-based approaches relevant to and appropriate for First Nations young people living in the Darwin region.

headspace Schools were commissioned to co-design a resource which supported young people to build the skills required to help seek using a development process that facilitated local ownership, knowledge, and experience. This resulted in the creation of the Our Way Our Say program.


Playing an integral part in the development of this program, this week’s guest Michele Oliphant has worked in the Northern Territory for over 20 years in the youth, wellbeing, and education sectors. Since joining headspace Schools in 2017, she has worked with many schools and communities to achieve their vision for improving the social and emotional wellbeing outcomes of their students, staff, and community members in an inclusive and culturally responsive way.

Michele joins us to share her passion for the development of place-based approaches, achieving the best outcomes for all young people, and supporting an equitable, community driven approach to delivering wellbeing and suicide prevention services to all schools.

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