ANZMHA Podcast: Renee Knapp

ANZMHA Podcast: Renee Knapp

Schools offer a unique opportunity to both identify young people with mental health difficulties and work with them in the preventative, intervention, and support space.

There is so much that can be done in schools so that we can stop watching students fall through the crack and start making a difference and changing the mental health statistics.
Joining me this week to discuss how we can better implement mental health and wellbeing in our schools is this week’s guest Renee Knapp, who is also an Ambassador for the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.

Renee Knapp is an independent consultant & educator who is heavily engaged in implementing mental health strategies at a school and community level. She is a founding member and current Chairperson of a local Community Mental Health Action Team and is also currently the Deputy Principal at a District High School in the south-west of WA.

Renee is widely recognised as a leader in mental health & wellbeing initiatives and was recognised for her work as a finalist in the WA Teacher of the Year Awards.

Stay tuned as Renee delves into the role schools have to play in youth mental health, why the role of educators is so important, and shares insight into what schools and educators can do to improve student mental health and wellbeing.

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