ANZMHA Podcast: Robert Stirling

ANZMHA Podcast: Robert Stirling

Prior to COVID-19 the AOD sector struggled to attract, recruit, and retain the workforce required to deliver quality care. The situation is now critical. However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

The AOD workforce are caring, professional, and passionate people, who advocate for those who access services. Despite the challenges we face as a sector, the workforce demonstrates a resilience and commitment to delivering positive outcomes and experiences for people in their care.

Here to explore challenges and opportunities faced in the AOD sector is this week’s guest, Robert Stirling.

Robert is CEO for the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA) and is responsible for representing the interests of the NSW non-government AOD sector across policy, sector and workforce development, and research.

He sits on several national and NSW boards and committees representing the NGO AOD sector. Robert has worked in the AOD sector for 15 years across the government and NGO sectors and holds qualifications in public health and community management. He is currently undertaking a doctorate exploring performance measurement of AOD treatment.

In this week’s episode, Robert delves into what the AOD workforce looks like at present, and what an ideal workforce would look like in the future. He also discusses strategies for attracting and retaining the workforce, and ways to develop future managers and leaders that will ensure the sustainability of the sector.

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