ANZMHA Podcast: Dr Joel Davies

ANZMHA Podcast: Dr Joel Davies

On today’s episode of Pebble in the Pond we chat with Dr Joel Davies, Psychologist and Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp.

Joel works tirelessly to help people reach their full potential and his career to date has spanned across academia, organisational development, learning and development, and tech product development.  
Joel works with Culture Amp's APAC customers to design employee feedback strategies and derive actionable insights from the comprehensive data collected through the Culture Amp Platform. Today we discuss how the pandemic has affected employee wellbeing at both work (and home) and the current staff shortages.  
We also discuss the role that both organisations and employees play in supporting wellbeing, global wellbeing trends, the impact of wellbeing on organisational success, and the most common psychological hazards in the workplace. 

If you run a team, are in the workplace mental health sector or generally want to know how to best support your employees, then tune in and listen up!  

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ANZMHA Podcast: Dr Joel Davies

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