ANZMHA Podcast: Taimi Allan

ANZMHA Podcast: Taimi Allan

Taimi is the Tumu Whakarae (Director) at Ember Innovations and is a board member of Te Hiringa Mahara - Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Starting her career as an air hostess with Ansett and Qantas, Taimi has become one of the leading minds in the mental health sector. With over 17 years experience in mental health and addiction services, e-Health, Suicide prevention, Leadership service and programme design and implementation Taimi is uniquely qualified to share her thoughts on the landscape of mental health services now and the value people with lived experience bring to the table.  
Taimi is a firm believer that if you have a great idea, the world should know about it and that experiences enable (not disable) people to innovate. It was a great pleasure to sit down for this discussion with Taimi and I hope you enjoy the episode.  

Welcome Taimi Allan.  

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