ANZMHA Podcast: Dr Clifford Lewis

ANZMHA Podcast: Dr Clifford Lewis

Clifford Lewis, PhD (he/him/his) is a Marketing academic at Charles Sturt University. His research focuses on Place Marketing; exploring LGBTQIA+ inclusion both within one’s community or a recreational context.

Within this field, he has drawn on socio-psychological theories to explore how places and experiences can be made more inclusive for LGBTQIA+ people.  

Through his work he has called for a more nuanced and sensitive approach to research which considers the diversity encapsulated under the LGBTQIA+ acronym. He is passionate about using research to make the world more inclusive.  
Thank you to Cliff for joining us and speaking about the lack of visibility of mental health services in rural and regional communities for LGBTQIA+ people and the massive changes in education and awareness that could bring about big changes in the sector. 

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