ANZMHA Podcast: Pip Rae

ANZMHA Podcast: Pip Rae

Pip is an author, investigative journalist, radio presenter, podcast producer/host and content architect of ‘creative ideas all-rounder’. 

After spending eighteen years in the Police Force, Pip left the force in 2011 to raise her children and work on new projects. She has spent years in recovery from PSTD, in which she continued her research in treatments for mental illness, advocacy for stigmas in society and in particular a focus on – the impact of insurance investigations on those with an invisible illness. 

With her trademark activism and calm enthusiasm, Pip strategically unpacks the themes, topics and life changing stories of women and men who are looking to share life lessons and empower others using the power of their own voice.

On today’s episode, Pip talks about overwhelm and overload, the mental health of victims of family and sexual violence and how her own experiences help to shape her work, her writing and now her future.  

Welcome Pip.  

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