ANZMHA Podcast: Nicole Gibson

ANZMHA Podcast: Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson is a Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Systems Architect, Author & Philosopher. 

From supporting communities with emotional infrastructure with a not-for-profit foundation; Love Out Loud, to working on meaningful and complex system change within the tech field, Nic Gibson is a powerhouse.  

In today’s episode, we cover a lot of ground. From Nic’s personal story with anorexia, and how her introspection bought her to a new path and journey to what the future of mental health could mean for individuals.  

We talk about our natural disposition to want to heal, and how a lot of us struggle with that. We touch on our cultural changes over the last century has allowed for less time for self and introspection as our addiction and reliance on technology takes hold.   

Welcome Nic.  

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