Stride Mental Health

Stride Mental Health

Did you know 50% of mental health conditions in adulthood emerge by 14?


In the last year alone Stride - Australia’s longest-serving mental health charity and organization - have helped almost 10,000 children and adolescents access the support they needed for their mental wellbeing with a simple mission - to provide services to support people at all stages of their mental health journey.

The fundamental key to this mission is to provide early intervention services in the years when a child is developing important skills and attachments that play a huge role in their ongoing development and mental wellbeing. These include the emotional and social skills a young person builds out during their interactions with others.


75% of mental health conditions in adulthood emerge by age 25


Stride also provides adolescent and youth mental health services that can help young people better manage their thoughts and emotions, and get back to enjoying life whether they are facing episodic mental health challenges or on-going and complex needs.

As Australia’s largest provider of ‘integrated service centers’, Stride Mental Health (formerly known as Aftercare) offers tailored mental health support to children, families and carers and support workers in Queensland, NSW, the ACT, Tasmania and regional Victoria.

As specialists in both early intervention and complex needs since 1907, Stride bring expertise to every aspect of mental health for infants, children, young people and their families, people with persistent mental illness and complex needs

  • Stride Kids in Ipswich, Queensland has helped families change the path of their child’s emotional development and reduce the risk of more serious problems developing later on.
  • Stride offers residential services for over 150 Young People each year supporting them with 24/7 Professional Support – helping them to cope with their individual challenges, uncertain times and to stay active in their communities – as well as avoid homelessness and hospital admissions.
  • Stride’s Safe Havens and Safe Spaces offer a welcoming, quiet, and comfortable place in the community providing the space for people aged over 16 experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings or emotional distress to access support when they need it, in a calm and caring environment. They are a collaborative and innovative concept that works for the local community they are situated in. The space and support available have been designed in partnership with people who have been through tough times themselves and understand what does and doesn’t work.
  • Stride is also a leading NDIS provider and source of support to help families and caregivers to navigate the NDIS.



1 in 6 children experience mental health struggles before the age of 5.


Stride knows that early intervention can make a difference and help a child to have a good day today, tomorrow and in the future.

Unfortunately, the cost is often prohibitive for families and carers with therapy sessions starting from $88, but you can help by donating to Stride Kids to provide a child and their family or carer access to early intervention programs; or by partnering with Stride to create evidence-backed solutions and improve mental health outcomes.

It’s not always easy, but with dedicated and determined people on their side, Stride hopes to be the best companion growing minds could have during their mental health journey and recovery.

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