Presenter Tips


Presenting at a conference is an effective method to share your findings with your target audience, build credibility, contribute to the sector and inspire your peers. Make the most of your presentation and follow these tips to create a lasting impression.

Here are 5 tips to create a lasting impression from stage (plus, how to successfully submit a winning presenter application)

  • Follow the instructions on the event’s Present page. This will lead you to the presenter application portal.
  • The presenter application portal is an easy to follow, step-by-step process. Once you register your details the process will take approximately five – ten minutes.
  • Have all the details about the topic you wish to present, the title of the presentation, three key learnings from your presentation and any accompanying documents handy.
  • You can also upload your bio, image and any co-presenters details.
  • Make sure you finalise your application and press SUBMIT.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the conference committee and contacted with an update on their application.

A Fun Way to Connect

We encourage presenters to submit a video along with your written application. This can be a 2 – 3 minute video introducing yourself and your presentation. This is not mandatory, however if you wish to include it, you can. (Your video must be uploaded as either a YouTube or Vimeo website URL link to include in your application).
There is no preference given to applications with videos, it’s purely an addition to the existing application process.


Once you’ve been selected as a presenter, it’s time to craft an amazing presentation.

IDENTIFY the 3 points you want the audience to learn from your presentation.

To ensure your presentation is impactful and provides tools and solutions for your audience, pre-plan your presentation to gain clarity on the objectives of your presentation by creating 3 key take aways you would like to share with your audience.

CREATE a compelling structure for your presentation.

Keep your audience engaged and alert so they can gain the most value from the information you have to share.

  • Engage your audience by getting them to think of the solution by asking rhetorical questions.
  • Invite your audience to engage in presentation. Invite them into the story and ask them questions with pauses along the way.
  • Be memorable and impactful by using emotion and telling a story (where appropriate).
  • Keep your language plain and simple and easy to understand across a wide audience.
  • Conclude by highlighting the main points and recommendations from your presentation.

SET UP your presentation for success.

ANZMH presenter sessions are timed. Please remember if you have a 20-minute presentation slot, your presentation should run for 15 - 17 minutes leaving time for questions within your 20-minute time.

  • The recommended numbers of slides is 1 slide per 2 minutes of content.
  • The recommended font size is 30 minimum. Please do not use yellow or hard see colours.
  • Use visuals rather than heavy text and explain your slides in the presentation.
  • There are many data visualisation tools such as Tableau, which will help communicate your data by converting stats into interactive pictures.

PRACTICE and polish.

Once you have created your presentation and the accompanying slides, set it up at home or in the office and run through it. Rehearse the timing and rhythm. You can even present it to some friends or family and ask for feedback. If you feel there is a section that needs work, polish that until you feel confident. 

Using the Appropriate Language on Stage

For some ANZMHA events, when talking about mental ill health, suicide, alcohol and other drugs there are certain phrases the sector has adopted as best practice. Make sure you’re informed by reading through these links: 

Language -


CONNECT with the audience.

Connect with the audience by:

  • Referencing the reason you’re all here in the room, creating a common goal.
  • Smiling and having eye contact with your audience.
  • Asking rhetorical questions to draw them into thinking of solutions.
  • Breathing deeply and slowly, creating confidence and calmness.
  • Showing passion for what you do and what you’re presenting on.
  • Asking the audience questions and inviting them to participate with you.
  • Give your audience the next steps, how can they learn more, be involved, connect with you/your company. 


Creating Lasting Connections.

A huge benefit of presenting to your peers is the collaborations and innovations that transpire from sharing stories and findings. The connection can start before the conference as all ANZMHA presenters are provided with content then can share on socials and to your network to let them know when/where you’re presenting. After your presentation, the connection continues with your peers in the room and online, giving you the chance to expand your network of sector professionals.

Take a look at these videos before you start crafting your presentation.

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