Patterns of use for mental health treatment in Australia

mental health treatmentA new publication released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics provides insight into how Australians used mental health related services and medications in 2011. It was produced as part of the Mental Health Services-Census Data Integration Project, on behalf of the National Mental Health Commission.

The publication Patterns of Use of Mental Health Services and Prescription Medications, 2011 examines Commonwealth subsidised mental health related services and medications accessed through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in 2011. It integrates these findings with 2011 Census data, building on a previous report to provide clear information about patterns of use for mental health treatment in Australia.

The analysis in this report complements other analyses of MBS and PBS data, as well as other data available, including the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation that reports on MBS, PBS and admitted patient care data.

Given the complexity of the report, the National Mental Health Commission will continue to work with the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other stakeholders to understand how best to interpret these statistics on patterns of use and to inform future data development and analyses. To read more about the key findings of the report click here.

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