Comorbidity: mental health and substance use at Addiction 2015

Female AddictionComorbidity (co-occurence) of mental disorders and substance use disorders is widespread and often associated with poor treatment outcome, severe illness course and high service use.

People with mental disorders and substance use frequently need care from several different health disciplines. To deliver a holistic care plan for Addiction treatment the communication between all clinicians and service providers need to be coordinated


Comorbidity will be addressed at The Australian & New Zealand Addiction Conference .

ADDICTION 2015 brings together a multi-disciplinarian approach to addition treatment, substance abuse, mental health and disorders.

ADDICTION 2015  is an initiative of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association. We are seeking Conference papers on how to help counsellors improve their ability to assist client who have co-occurring disorders. We are looking for examples of integrated approaches to mental health and addiction treatment services, outlining how to utilise current substance abuse best practice when working occurring mental health disorders.

For more information about the conference visit our website

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