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eHealth: We are pleased to announce Mr Eitan Ben Itzhak Klutch, CEO, Makshivim Net, Israel as a Speaker at The 17th International Mental Health Conference; Guiding the Change to be held at Sea World Resort Conference Centre, Gold Coast, next week 11 -12 August 2016.

Eitan Ben Itzhak Klutch will present ‘What Tech is For?’ in the ehealth Innovative Uses of Technology and Social Media stream.

Makshivim Net was established in 2008 and runs online programs for mental health clients.

The supporters in e-recovery programs aid in everyday life. The goal of these programs is to allow people with mental disabilities to consult with professionals, other disabled, families of people with mental disabilities and to obtain information. Through our work we discovered that despite the developing internet, many find it difficult to cultivate a social circle in the physical world and online. Hence, we established a virtual social model that begins online with the objective to evolve into real life social contact between participants.

It is important to know e-recovery models can have complications and dangerous situations that need to be considered. It's imperative to be aware and able to handle these complications and dangers before working online.

The employment domain is similarly important, so that clients can enter the normal working world and integrate into society. We developed programs that combine technological and human guidance to help in the employment process, from job search to preservation of long-term employment. One program's for people with an academic diploma / professional with the objective to integrate them into their field of study. This model helped to integrate of 82 % of clients in 2015.

Internet communications give support that includes: continuous personal contact, accessibility and availability, characterized by the partnership process.  It offers comfort and encouragement, while maintaining the independence that accompanies the client in their employment. It also provides e-peer support from other clients.

eHealth: About Eitan Ben Itzhak Klutch

In 2005, while completing his M.A Degree, he developed a new internet rehabilitation program for individuals who deal with mental health disabilities called Listeners. The Israeli government sponsored the program. In 2008 he founded a company that creates an internet rehabilitation project that deals with social, vocational and educational rehabilitation for individuals and groups online.

Since 2008 Eitan has worked as a CEO at Makshivim Net and lecturing at International Mental Health conferences and universities (at: England, Finland, Denmark, Canada and more), about rehabilitation through the internet. From 2010 to 2011: Consulted for rehabilitation staff at "Montage Support Services" in Canada for half a year in person and half a year through the internet.

eHealth and a wide range of mental health topics will be discussed next week at The 17th International Mental Health Conference; Guiding the Change at Sea World Resort Conference Centre on the Gold Coast, from the 11 -12 August 2016. To register your attendance at the conference CLICK HERE.

The conference program will be designed to challenge, inspire, demonstrate and encourage participants while facilitating discussion. To view the Program CLICK HERE.

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