How to Cover the Costs of an Addiction Recovery Program

How to Cover the Costs of an Addiction Recovery Program

It can be a long and difficult process to come to the realisation that you need help to begin addiction recovery. When you do make that decision, you'll want to begin treatment as soon as possible. As you begin looking into the various treatment options in your community, you might feel discouraged by the cost of treatment. While there are options to fit most budgets, you will still need some type of financial assistance to pay for your recovery.

Check With Your Health Insurance Provider

The first step you should take is to check with your health insurance provider. While your insurance policy may not provide full coverage, many policies pay for certain aspects of addiction recovery. If you are in California, for example, your insurance may not cover all California addiction treatment centers so it is important to call and check what facilities they cover. Even Medicare will pay for addiction treatment when a doctor certifies that the individual requires inpatient care for their substance abuse problem. The Affordable Care Act requires that people with Medicaid also receive coverage for addiction treatment. As these government programs provide mandatory coverage for treatment, many private insurance companies have started to follow along. Partial coverage may also be provided for detox treatment, which is a necessary step before an addict can begin the recovery process. You should discuss your needs with your health insurance provider to find out which services will be covered.

Use a Credit Card

You can use a credit card if you have one available to you. It can be especially helpful if you have a card that offers rewards or air miles to help you increase the benefits of using your card to pay for addiction treatment. This is also a faster way of getting the money you need to finance your recovery because you won't have to wait for approval or rely on others to help you pay. The downside is that the interest on a credit card account is higher than other financing options, but, if it allows you to start treatment sooner, it may be a worthwhile use of your credit card.

Take Out a Loan

By the time many addicts reach a point at which they want to get clean and stay sober, they have already destroyed their credit. However, if you have maintained a more functional lifestyle and still have good credit, applying for a personal loan may be a good way to finance your recovery. Loan amounts are often sufficient to pay for the treatment process from detoxing to addiction treatment and finally transitioning into a sober living house. This is also a better option than using a credit card because the repayment terms may be more favorable. If you qualify for a personal loan from a bank or credit union, this option may also give you longer to repay the debt.

Start Crowdfunding

A newer option that many people are using to pay for their recovery is to start a crowdfunding campaign. If you decide to try this type of fundraising, be sure to read the terms of service for the platform you use. Each platform charges a different rate, which will be based on a percentage of the donations you receive. Additionally, some platforms won't pay out unless you meet or exceed your goal. If you have a modest social media following, launching a crowdfunding campaign can be enough to help you raise the money you need. You can also succeed at crowdfunding if you're talented with digital marketing since raising money requires maximising the visibility of your campaign.

Ask Your Family For Help

Finally, you can turn to your own loved ones for help. Especially if this will be your first time going into an addiction treatment facility, your family may be willing to help you pay for your recovery. Those closest to you, such as a spouse or your parents, will have the greatest interest in seeing you enter recovery. They will want you to do well and live a healthier way of life, so they may be willing to give you the money you need. If you feel uncomfortable asking for the money, ask them to loan you the amount you need. Explain that you can begin repaying them once you complete the treatment program and begin working again.

Finding the right financing option for your situation can take some time, so you shouldn't feel discouraged. Even if you have to use several different options to pay for your treatment, it will be a worthwhile expense. When you leave the treatment center and embark on a healthier lifestyle, you'll find that the rewards are immeasurable.

This article was kindly written and contributed by Elizabeth Howard.

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