How to Find Inspiration When You're Feeling Burned Out

How to Find Inspiration When You're Feeling Burned Out

In the course of work and life, most people hit that state where they are physically and emotionally exhausted. The job that once gave them joy seems no longer exciting. It’s like the flame in their body, mind, and soul has gone out and it just feels like they can’t take it anymore.

If you have found yourself in a rut, you are not the only one. Prolonged stress from work, family, and other life engagements often leads to burnout and thus mental health decline. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to find the inspiration to keep going while in that state. However, all is not lost.

These 7 tips can help you recharge and feel inspired in the midst of burnout.

  1. Focus on Your Why

Unless you were forced by circumstances to do what you do, there must have been a motivation that led you there. Even when the former is true, it is highly likely that there is something keeping you there. It could be that you need to provide for your family. In this case, your love for family is what makes you wake up feeling motivated each morning. When you are feeling lost and completely burnt out, it can be easy to lose sight of that. Interestingly, what inspires you is the compass that you need to get your passion back. Try to focus on that one thing that gives you a sense of purpose. It is powerful enough to make you feel motivated and inspired to rise again.

  1. Do Some Self-Care Routines

New and creative ideas crop up when the mind is relaxed. Whenever your fuel tank is low, focusing on self-care takes away the worry and stress and allows your mind to relax. You can treat yourself to a spa treatment at home or your favorite spa. You can also do some meditation or breathing exercises. Listen to some soothing music or watch a feel-good movie. Such activities are sure to rejuvenate your mind, giving it the boost it needs to start creating.

  1. Join a retreat

When everything else seems vague, reflecting on what you want in life can be the start of lighting up the flame that once burnt brightly in you. A good place to do this is in a retreat center such as Root Healing. This healing center is dedicated to taking you on a journey to healing and self-discovery. You will get the chance to reflect on your life, let go of your past and find clarity on yourself and the path that you want to take in life.

  1. Engage in a Physical Activity

Besides making your body physically fit, physical activities also work on rejuvenating your body and mind. This helps you get rid of stress and think more clearly. It also boosts your energy and improves your moods, allowing you to stay motivated and inspired.

It can be hard to think of exercising when you have no more energy left in you. However, you can think of simple exercises that are not too exhausting. Biking on an e-bike for instance is fun and easy. The pedal-assist feature ensures that you don’t exert too much energy. The good thing is that you can turn your bike into an e-bike easily by attaching an engine kit to it. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a cheap bicycle engine kit can do the job.

  1. Change Your Scenery

Sometimes all you need to find inspiration is to take a break from the usual to focus on something else. Changing your scenery lets you see new places and meet new people. This in a way revives your energy and helps you see things from a different perspective. This new perspective can be enough to spark new ideas and solutions to things that you have been struggling with. Travel somewhere on a vacation or shift your work to somewhere else such as a coworking space to break from the ordinary.

  1. Include Something Interesting in Your Routine

Interesting things allow you to live in the present, taking you away from daily worries or thoughts about your future. In addition, they leave you feeling joyful and relaxed to take on tasks that previously seemed daunting. You can do something silly such as dancing to music in the living room or visiting a museum or art center. You can also immerse yourself in an exciting book or movie. Whatever you decide, just unplug from everything else and let yourself live in the moment.

  1. Listen to Others

A problem shared is a problem half solved. When you have reached the end, keeping the feeling to yourself can only make things worse. Find a person that you trust and share your plight with them. You may be surprised that what they say turns out to be the inspiration that you needed to keep going.


There is no one who wants to find himself or herself in a state of burnout. Daily stressors and life demands can drive anyone there. All you need to do is find ways to get yourself out of that dark hole. While at it, take simple steps and actions such as those listed above to find inspiration to keep going every step of the way.

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