11 Habits That Could Be Increasing Your Anxiety

The annoying thing about anxiety is it can have a million and one causes — mental conditions, physical conditions, stress, side effects from drugs. The list goes on and on. But sometimes, all it takes is a seemingly innocent habit to make anxiety worse.

This isn't great news if you have anxiety and do everything in your power to keep it under control. Maybe you are all about meditation, or do yoga on the regular. Maybe you chat with a therapist, or are super diligent about taking anxiety medication. So how perfectly annoying is that your daily habits can kind of undo all that hard work? Pretty annoying, if you ask me.

Now, I'm not saying your daily habits cause anxiety, per se. I'm just talking about little things (like whether or not you drink coffee), that can bring on the nerves, the jitters, and the stress — all things you don't want if you suffer with anxiety.

There is good news, however. As with all habits, you can change your ways and thusly tone down your anxiety. It just takes recognizing what things can make anxiety worse, and then working to eliminate them from your life. Read on for some of these sneaky, sneaky anxiety-inducing habits.

1. Staying Inside All Day

2. Hanging Out With Anxious Types

3. Running Behind Schedule

4. Living In The Coffee Shop

5. Getting Overwhelmed At Work

6 Eating An Abundance Of Sugar

7. Listening To Sad Music

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

9. Complaining All Day Long

10. Forgetting To Exercise

11. Not Cleaning Your Apartment

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