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Australian Council for Educational Research

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ACER Psychology Assessment Services

ACER’s mission is to improve learning outcomes across the lifespan. Through its extensive expertise in research, assessment and resource development ACER is a global leader in its field. To provide the best possible outcome for clients, ACER works in closely with global publishers and research institutions to offer high quality assessments, resources and services.  Today, ACER offers a wide range of clinical, organisational, forensic, neuropsychology, autism, positive psychology, cognitive and other assessments to support psychologist in all areas.

Psychology Consultant Services

ACER provides advice to allied health professionals and mental health practitioners on the selection and effective use of assessments and resources. ACER’s consultants will help you find the right assessments, resources and training requirements for your needs.  ACER’s Psychological Consultants can assist you to benchmark your current high achievers, and identify critical performance indicators, personalities and abilities required for success. Candidates for new roles, promotions or leadership development can be assessed against these factors as part of your selection criteria. ACER offers training in the use of our resources, along with in-depth support, formative feedback on assessment results and ongoing consulting services. This integrated approach allows ACER to help psychologists’ and human resource professionals assess, manage and develop resources across business units.

Professional Development

ACER offers a range of professional development programs to help organisations and individuals to take the next step in their career. We also offer tailored professional learning to meet your individual or institutional needs. Allow our team of consultant psychologists to design a bespoke program that meets your specific needs.

ACER consultant psychologist

Eirini Lammi is a consultant psychologist with over 20 years of experience in providing a broad range of psychological and consulting services across numerous sectors including education, clinical and organisational. Previous experience includes working in schools conducting educational and psychological assessments, corporate training in the use of psychological instruments, workplace testing specializing in selection and recruitment, expert technical advice and consultancy in educational, clinical and organizational assessment solutions.


m: 0419 335 986

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