"When would my patient benefit from admission to a Private Psychiatric facility”?

This is one of the most common questions asked by General Practitioners who are managing patients suffering from a broad spectrum of mental health issues.

Typically patients that are referred into private psychiatric hospitals are those suffering from depression, anxiety or a substance abuse problem. These are the high prevalence disorders that present most commonly in the community and cause the greatest morbidity. Although these patients can be managed in the community, there is great benefit in early intervention and engagement with highly trained specialists in mental health care.

At all stages in life mental health wellbeing is affected by the quality of relationships, the capacity to work and to function within family and a social environment. Triggers such as a traumatic or stressful experience, workplace bullying, a breakdown in a relationship, coping with a new baby or loss of income / work can cause some patients to seek help and these patients commonly do very well from a brief admission into a private psychiatric hospital. The focus of treatment is on accurate diagnosis and recovery to optimum function. Both Belmont Private Hospital and Currumbin Clinic provide a range of in patient, day patient and out patient services; treatments include psychological therapy (CBT, DBT & Mindfulness), medication therapy & assistance in dealing with life circumstances.

In a recent survey conducted upon discharge from Belmont Private Hospital patients showed strongly significant improvement on all three Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales (DASS), confirming that their admission and treatment had been successful in reducing depression, anxiety and stress in this patient group. Depression fell by almost 14 points, anxiety fell by an average of 9 points and stress reduced by over 11 points.

Health Care has two specialised private psychiatric hospitals in Queensland providing clinical excellent in the treatment of mental health. Both of these hospitals provide inpatient admissions along with outpatient appointments with the consultant psychiatrists.

Currumbin Clinic is a 104 bed private psychiatric hospital located on the Gold Coast and will be exhibiting at the 14th International Mental Health Conference  being held at Outrigger, Surfers Paradise 5th to 6th of August 2013.  Currumbin Clinic specialises in the treatment of generalised psychiatric disorders, drug and alcohol problems and older patients with mental health issues, for any enquiries about admission to Currumbin Clinic please call 1800 119 118.

Belmont Private Hospital has 120 beds and is located in Brisbane specialising in acute psychiatric care, post natal disorders, trauma and dissociation and is an authorised mental health service under the Queensland Mental Health Act 2000 for any enquiries about admission into Belmont Private Hospital call 1800 700 274.


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