S2:E17 | Debbie McCarthy: Screening for DV in Emergency Departments

S2:E17 | Debbie McCarthy: Screening for DV in Emergency Departments

Women who have experienced domestic and family violence use health services more frequently than women who have not. By combining early identification and intervention within our health system, one woman has a concept that can revolutionise our approach to support.

As a former nurse and current social worker, Debbie McCarthy has been exposed to a number of situations pertaining to domestic and family violence. Employed as a counsellor for Human Services Taskforce in tissue retention, she has worked in various inpatient wards, and also as a Social Work Team Coordinator in the Flinders Medical Centre Emergency Department since 2004. In 2015, she was awarded the Excellence in Allied Health Award in the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network for her work in domestic violence.

In order to assist individuals impacted by domestic and family violence, Debbie established a training program and resources for staff in the ED and post-graduate nursing program surrounding screening for DV. By training workers to see the signs and inform patients of support and care, this method of early intervention can contribute to the systemic change needed to combat domestic and family violence.

Tune in to hear Debbie discuss her experiences, and how her program is being implemented to better support thousands of Australians at risk.

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