S2:E19 | Kirra Pendergast: Kids & Cybersafety – What You Need to Know

S2:E19 | Kirra Pendergast: Kids & Cybersafety – What You Need to Know

In today’s digital world, we are now more connected than ever. Being constantly accessible brings with it a great deal of positives – but when it comes to bullying, this also means being inescapable. 


As a public speaker and educator, Kirra Pendergast has presented to more than 400,000 students, teachers, and parents at schools across Australia and New Zealand, educating people and consulting organisations on the safe use of social media. She has presented at countless legal seminars, government and business events, conferences and business staff professional learning and wellbeing sessions.


In 2009, Kirra founded Australia's first consulting company, focused solely on social media security, privacy, and risk management, completing social media risk reviews for organisations ranging from 5 to over 12,000 employees. 


In 2014 after experiencing serious and relentless cyberbullying and trolling, Kirra was inspired to create Safe on Social Media, a training and development business that now helps thousands of users to stay safe on social media. Her experience helped her understand in detail what victims of cyberbullying are exposed to. 


Tune in to hear Kirra speak about her online experience, and the measures of cyber safety that need to be considered to reduce risk and secure safety and privacy when online.

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