5 Things to Practice While Living in Quarantine

5 Things to Practice While Living in Quarantine

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Ashlie Lopez.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has radically altered our lives.

The circumstances have become uncertain, putting a pause on everything that we once considered normal. The situation is causing panic among many thus, making them prone to mental health issues, leading some towards the use of medication (including ADD medicine) to better cope.

However, if we ponder upon the situation and the global lockdown situation, we can use it as a time of reflection. We may have been lost so much in our lives that we somehow have forgotten how to connect to people around us or how to live in harmony with nature.

Use this time to reflect upon your current lifestyle to make positive adjustments. Take a look at the below five practices to help you improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Practicing Optimism

Life is too short to be negative. We took everything for granted before the lockdown and didn’t appreciate things as they should have been. Therefore, practice being an optimist and learn to see goodness in everyday situations.

Optimism keeps you happy and healthy inside and out and it is radiated through your pleasant persona. Positivity is contagious - if you are optimistic, people will find serenity in your company. Practice being positive by recounting your gratitude and cherishing the presence of those around you.


We all have heard all our lives that ‘health is wealth’ but haven’t really understood the true essence of it. Now when we are witnessing a pandemic, we can relate to the cliché. Make sure to make healthy lifestyle changes to be better able to cope with stress and mental wellbeing. Work on boosting up your immune system by eating a nutritious diet. Make exercise part of your routine because it is what keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. Self-care is a step forward to make yourself a better person.

Eco-Friendly Habits

The only precaution known for corona at the moment is either social distancing or cleanliness. Therefore, you must change your lifestyle in order to live in harmony with nature. Keep your environment clean and healthy. From your hygiene to keeping your surroundings clean, everything contributes to make you a happy, healthy person.

Buy some pots and plants, opt for biodegradable materials and make sure not make a conscious effort to minimise waste. Take it as your social responsibility and play your part to make our lifestyle eco-friendly.

Showing Compassion

Compassion is a must during quarantine. You will find a number of people around you whose lives are being drastically affected by the lockdown as economies are falling thus, resulting in massive unemployment. In times like this, try being more compassionate about those around you and try being a helping hand for them. Help them get through this situation.

Reconnecting with Loved Ones

Our lives have been so fast-paced that we may have unintentionally drawn our selves away from our families and friends. Take this quarantine as an opportunity to reconnect with everyone you haven’t connected in years. Give your grandparents or any sibling, relative or a friend who lives far away a call and check upon them.

Cherishing the presence of your loved once is what keeps you going in life and makes you a stronger and loving person. Make it a part of your routine to keep in touch with your family and friends and let them know how much you love them and care for them.

Practicing these five things during quarantine will surely make you a better person once this situation ends. Our lives and everything in it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Use your time for your and betterment of the world around you. Work on making yourself a better person so that you can inspire those around you for the good.

Do not just lose yourself in your work life - many people around you might look to you for connection, love and time. Make sure you're investing in  your life happier and healthier and live it to this fullest.

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