S2:E22 | Chris Miller: Mind, Body & Fitness: Going Beyond Your Limits

S2:E22 | Chris Miller: Mind, Body & Fitness: Going Beyond Your Limits

When training the body, the power of the mind is what drives you to continue, make you stronger and gives you the push you need to take your physical fitness to the next level.

One person who knows this all too well is trainer, coach and Chinese medical practitioner Chris Miller.

Just after his 20th birthday, Chris endured his third knee reconstruction, leaving him without any ligaments in his right knee. He was told he would never walk properly or run again. At 29, Chris had a tumour cut out of his sinuses, leaving him with severe neurological issues, and again was told it would be permanent. For 6 months, he could not train, read, watch TV, or even carry his baby daughter around.

Throughout both instances, Chris followed traditional rehab methods, before beginning to experiment with unorthodox methods of reclaiming mental and physical wellness. Instead of relying on physical therapies, Chris chose to improve his body's physical and mental state via movement and mobility drills, while challenging the traditional paradigms of thinking.

After a period of continued experimentation, Chris developed PrimalThenics, a style of training created to combine clinical musculoskeletal rehab skills and coaching experience. It uniquely involves the combination of mobility drills, neurological techniques, muscle activation, crawling and high intensity calisthenics.

Since its creation, Chris has worked with a number of high profile athletes, from teams including the Wallabies, NRL and Olympic Games.

Tune in this week to find out more about Chris' journey through injury and the unorthodox training methods he has used for everyday people, kids and professional athletes to perform at the peak of their fitness.

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