S2:E24 | Jocelyn Brewer: Technology, Kids & the Underlying Sense of Belonging

S2:E24 | Jocelyn Brewer: Technology, Kids & the Underlying Sense of Belonging

In today's world, connection is only a click away. Meeting new people and maintaining old relationships has never been easier. But, where does our sense of belonging lie in a society that's increasingly reliant on instant gratification?

One woman who can help provide insight is Jocelyn Brewer, a Sydney-based psychologist with 16 years' experience in public schools as both a teacher and counsellor.  Jocelyn is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and uses a range of creative, practical and dynamic techniques to inspire positive change.

In 2013, Jocelyn founded the business Digital Nutrition to address digital wellbeing issues and our love-hate relationship with technology. Via a selection of presentations, consultations and therapy sessions, Digital Nutrition aims to help individuals to better understand the cognitive, social and emotional impacts of the digital content we consume, and the way that digital devices impact our overall physical and mental health.

Digital Nutrition was awarded the NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarship for Health Education in 2014 and Jocelyn toured the USA in 2015 to investigate work happening in this emerging intersection of digital health and wellbeing.

Tune in to hear more about Jocelyn's tips and techniques to use digital content wisely, and discover how the underlying desire of belonging is being met through technology compared to other means used in the pre-internet era.

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