Try These 3 Things to Look & Feel Healthier Today

Try These 3 Things to Look & Feel Healthier Today

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Lewis Robinson.

When do you look your best? Is it when you've partied like it's 1999 and eaten a steady diet of take out — or is it when you've gotten enough sleep and watched your diet? If you're like most, you're part of the latter.

One thing that's so important to remember is that you're only going to look as good as you feel... and how you take care of yourself (or don't) will definitely show.

If you could use some help cleaning up your habits so you feel healthier and look amazing, you'll want to keep reading. Here are three things you can do every day to make sure you're feeling healthier, both mentally and physically.

1.) Brighten Your Plate

Eating a variety of good-for-you foods is essential for your overall health. But how do you know if you're eating the right foods? A quick and easy way to ensure you are is to think of your plate as a rainbow. Think pops of red from tomatoes or radishes, vibrant orange from peppers or sweet potatoes, leafy greens and purple cabbage or dark red beets. Every vegetable carries its own benefits so combining them every day is a surefire way to fuel your body well and feel healthier. Throw together a beautiful salad for lunch or dinner. Try These 3 Things to Look & Feel Healthier Today

Don't forget grains such as quinoa or wild rice, healthy fats from extra virgin olive oil, avocados or nuts, and lean meats or the nutritional powerhouse of the deep; salmon. Wondering what's so great about these foods? They're nutrient packed and rich in antioxidants. Your hair and skin love that. Of course you can supplement too, but getting the most you can out of your food by making the healthiest choices is the best option.

2.) Revamp Your Routine

Your skin is not only your body's largest organ, it's the first thing everyone sees... and more importantly, the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. You should feel comfortable with it, but that doesn't always come that easy. So many people deal with skin conditions — acne and rosacea being two of the most common — and others might find themselves with uneven tone, fine lines or wrinkles.

There are many products available to target all of these but it can be intimidating when deciding on a product. A dark spot diminisher could be your answer for evening out skin tone and fading spots related to aging or sun exposure... and who doesn't have at least one area that could use some help? What's more, it includes natural ingredients such as blueberry extract to tone and reduce damage, so you can be comfortable with what you're applying to your body.

3.) Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is something you can't live without for many reasons. And when it comes to beauty and feeling healthier,  it’s definitely one of the power players. Are you getting enough? Yes, certain factors have an effect on the amount and quality of sleep you get — but it's up to you to make it a priority regardless of what you've got going on. It's not called beauty sleep for nothing — if you're getting between five and six hours a night, adding another one to two hours will make a huge difference in your overall appearance.

When you sleep, your body repairs itself from the inside out. Collagen is produced, helping to smooth lines and wrinkles. And you might notice your face to be less puffy in the morning, too. So grab yourself some 800 thread count sheets, a bottle of lavender pillow spray and head off to dreamland.

Feeling healthier and looking great is a wonderful goal to have... and best of all, it's possible. By establishing healthy habits through eating and rest or investing in products to improve your appearance, you'll notice positive changes in no time at all. And the best part? You'll feel healthier, both inside and out.

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