S2:E36 | Dr Stephen Spencer: Spotting the Warning Signs of Psychological Distress

S2:E36 | Dr Stephen Spencer: Spotting the Warning Signs of Psychological Distress

Recent research has indicated that early intervention and treatment in child and adolescence dramatically impact the course of mental illness.

Working extensively in acute child and adolescent mental health, this week's podcast guest Dr. Stephen Spencer (PhD) knows the importance of early intervention – and dedicates his career to educating others on how to spot the warning signs.

Stephen Spencer is Equi Energy Youth's Co-Founder and Clinical Director. His passion for young people to have optimum health and wellbeing has become his life's work, resulting in recognition as a leader amongst his peers in the Mental Health sector.

Alongside a wealth of clinical experience, Stephen regularly hosts information and training sessions for educators, clinicians, and parents and carers. The sessions provide the appropriate tools and techniques to assess the earlier warning signs of psychological distress in young people and how to effectively respond to their emotional state.

Most recently, Stephen created the Coach 2 Cope program, an evidence-based framework for psychological first aid that can be applied to any child, in any situation. This course is designed to equip adults with skills and techniques to support children experiencing acute episodes of distress and prevent recurring episodes in the future.

Listen in as Stephen and I discuss his background as a mental health nurse and his transition into working specifically with youth, all while managing acute distress.

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