S3:E7 | Shirley Smith: Surviving DV & Becoming a Queen Again

S3:E7 | Shirley Smith: Surviving DV & Becoming a Queen Again

When a DV survivor decides it’s time to speak out about their situation and get help, the last thing they need is someone else telling them what to do.

As a result, many DV advocates believe the most effective approach to provide necessary services to victims - is empowerment.

Having been a victim of domestic violence for more than 16 years, this week’s guest Shirley Smith’s personal experiences cover the entire spectrum. She left her volatile situation 2 and a half years ago, struggling for support, and even had to beg for assistance as she had come to QLD from another state.

Shirley wants to educate the sector on what it is really like to live in a DV relationship. Her book ‘Becoming a Queen Again’ is about what domestic violence looks like and how get out and survive. it is also about empowerment, worth, and love. Shirley wrote this book, not only for her own healing, but as a voice for those who are unable to speak, who may be still living in violence and are unable to leave or choose to stay; or those that have left and now don't know what to do.

Now, listen in as Shirley tells her story, and how she’s actively working to empower and inspire every survivor, whatever their situation.

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