S3:E5 | Selena Bartlett: How Sugar Addiction Changes Our Brain

S3:E5 | Selena Bartlett: How Sugar Addiction Changes Our Brain


Did you know that 75% of Australians are predicted to be overweight or obese by 2025?

Neuroimaging studies have shown that high-sugar containing foods and beverages activate reward areas within the brain – that ‘reward’ appears to be more robust than those of cocaine. Brain function is significantly impacted from sugar and food over consumption.

This week’s podcast guest Professor Selena Bartlett believes the solution to solving our addiction troubles lies in our head – more specifically, how we train our brains.

Professor Selena Bartlett is a Group Leader in Neuroscience and Obesity at the Translational Research Institute. She was awarded the Lawrie Austin Award for her contributions to Neuroscience by the Australian Neuroscience Society in 2019, recipient of the Biotech Research Award and was an Ambassador for the Women in Technology organisation. The overarching objectives of her research program is to apply a neuroscientific translational research and development approach to improve sugar addiction.

Listen in as Selena delves into how sugar activates our addiction centres and changes the physical structure of the brain. Selena also discusses how she is using a neuroscience approach to combat addiction that focuses on retraining the brain.

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